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Architectural Change Request 

Per the Restrictive Covenants, any exterior changes or construction requires the submission of an Architectural Change Request and Architectural Change Request Committee approval prior to the commencement of work. The more information you provide on your ACR, the better the Committee can understand your request. Failure to provide an ACR and get Committee approval for all projects can result in delays in approval. 

Print the ARC form here and provide all the information requested, as well as any additional information to help the Committee understand your project,  via email to

Questions about what constitutes an architectural change? Contact Sentry Management!

The Process

  1. Ask Questions if you're unsure if a request is necessary, how to complete the form, or what to include from images/drawing perspective.

  2. Complete and submit the online form.

  3. Email relevant photos, images, drawings, plot plan (etc) to:

  4. If the request is not complicated and follows the Covenant guidelines the ACR Committee will generally approve the request.   If it's unclear, requires interpretation, or revision, your request will be sent back to Sentry to get back with you.

  5. You will receive a formal approval via email and/or written letter from someone with Sentry.

Every effort will be made to confirm receipt of your request within 3 business days.  According to the Covenants, the Architectural Review Committee has 2 weeks to approve, deny, or suggest revisions to each request.   Generally, requests are approved/denied with 3-4 days.  


Please have ACR approval prior to signing contracts or beginning exterior work on your home or property.

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