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Pool Information - Summer 2021

The pool is for use by Williamson Run residents ONLY

Non-resident guests must follow the guest policy, listed below

These rules and regulations incorporate Indiana state law, Hamilton County Health Department Regulations and industry-recommended standards. The lifeguards’ jobs are to enforce rules in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable pool environment. Please support them and respect their authority.

Residents and their guests must sign in each day upon entering the pool deck to swim.



Pool Hours

Regular Season (no school)

Monday – Saturday 10:30am – 8pm

**Pool will open at 11am during the swim team season**

Sunday 12pm – 8pm

Adjusted Season* (when school is in session)

Monday – Friday

4:30pm – 8pm

Saturday & Holidays

10:30am – 8pm


12pm – 8pm

* end of summer hours are also based on lifeguard availability

After hours – requests for after hour use of the pool for parties must be made to Sentry Management.


Weather Policy:

Lifeguards are authorized to close the pool for weather or other safety reasons.

  • Thunder and/or lightning – Lifeguards are REQUIRED BY LAW to evacuate all swimmers from the water AND pool deck. The pool will remain closed until one-half hour (30 minutes) after the last sound of thunder or the sight of lightening. (NOTE: if the time limit expires after 7pm the pool will not reopen)

  • Minimum temperature of 70° – per state law, the outside temperature (as officially measured at the airport downtown) must be 70° Fahrenheit in order for the pool to open. Families can check the official temperature by calling 317-635-5959.

Deep End and Adult Swim Policy:

Deep End Test – Children 12 years old and under must take and pass the Deep End Test in order to swim alone in the deep end. A child can attempt the Deep End Test once per day. Upon passing the Deep End Test children will have their name logged into a book and be asked to wear a color-coded bracelet (BLUE) or (ORANGE) to help the lifeguards quickly identify those children who have passed the test. This is important to help new or substitute lifeguards know who has passed the test.

Replacement bands will be available for $1/band in the guard room. Bands will be available free-of-charge for guests who pass the test and should be returned to the lifeguards before they leave.

The Deep End Test consists of the following tasks, completed during the same test period (cannot be broken up and taken at separate times):

  1. Swim the length of the pool - starting in the deep end, swimmers must swim down and back the full length of the pool without stopping or touching the bottom. Any proper stroke is acceptable.

  2. Tread water – from the deep end, swimmers must tread water for one minute (60 seconds). Floating on one’s back is not considered treading water.

  3. Touch pool bottom – from the deep end (6 foot), swimmers must touch the bottom of the pool. Swimmers must touch from the surface of the pool, not by diving or jumping into the water from the deck.

The lifeguards have the final decision about the ability of each child.

Any child that does not pass the Deep End Test is welcome to re-take the test the following day.

Children who have not passed a Deep End Test must have their parent/guardian actively watching them while they are in the deep end by either:

  • Being with them in the water

  • Sitting on the edge of the pool.

Adult Swim – Adult Swim (18 years and older) will be called on the hour for 15 minutes. Children 2 years old and younger may enter the water if accompanied by an adult. All other children MUST remain two feet from the pool perimeter at this time.

Age Policy for Swimmers and Caregivers:

The lifeguards’ job is to ensure the safety of the pool, not to babysit unsupervised children. With this in mind, listed below are the age requirements for using the pool.

Children’s age WR Age Policy

Under 9 years old Must be accompanied by a supervising adult. To swim

unaccompanied in the deep end, they must pass the Deep End Test and wear a color-coded wrist band (BLUE).

10 – 12 years old Can come to the pool without a supervising adult. Must pass the Deep End Test and wear a color-coded wrist band (ORANGE).

13 years old and older Can come to the pool without a supervising adult. Do not need to pass the Deep End Test.

14 years old and older Children can babysit with the following requirements:

  • Babysitter must be a competent swimmer

  • Babysitter must stay with the children AT ALL TIMES (no socializing with friends or siblings)

  • Babysitter cannot bring or babysit younger siblings

  • Babysitter age 14-15: maximum of two (2) children

  • Babysitter age 16-18: maximum of three (3) children

The Wading Pool (Baby Pool)

The Wading Pool is designed for children who are small, young and not skilled enough to swim in the Large Pool. For this reason, only children 5 years old and younger are permitted to swim in the Wading Pool, even when it is empty during Adult Swim. Parents and/or supervising adults must actively watch their children in the Wading Pool because the lifeguards are guarding the Large Pool, not the Wading Pool.

Discipline Policy:

Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of all who visit the pool, whether the swimmers/guests are in the pool, on the deck, in the picnic area or on the playground. For safety reasons, rambunctious behavior will not be tolerated and lifeguards have the authority to stop such behavior. Behavior includes (but is not limited to) running, pushing, hitting, running, dunking, chicken fights, flipping towels and name-calling.

Lifeguards may remove any person at their discretion for issues such as (but not limited to) violation of pool rules, roughhousing and/or rough play and damage to the pool, deck or facilities. Individuals creating problems will be asked leave the pool area or sit out (benched) for periods of time. If warnings are not heeded, lifeguards have the authority to implement any of the following remedies:

1. “bench” swimmers for up to fifteen (15) minutes during kids swim or dismiss them from the pool for the remainder of the day. Any swimmer who is benched can choose to leave

the pool, however, they will not be permitted back to the pool until the following day.

2. Repeated offenses (parents will be notified):

  1. 1st offense: 24-hour suspension

  2. 2nd offense: 3-day suspension

  3. 3rd offense: 1 week suspension

3. After a 1-week suspension, any additional offenses may result in suspension from the pool for the rest of the season.

Any parent or supervising adult is encouraged to step in immediately and stop rambunctious behavior directly with any swimmer/guest demonstrating such behavior (even children not in your family). As a community, we are all responsible for the safety and well-being of our children, as well as our neighbors’ children and guests.

Underage drinking anywhere on Clubhouse grounds, which includes the pool, picnic area, playground, tennis courts and lawn, will be immediately reported to the Carmel Police. Summer pool/tennis court suspension will follow any arrest at the Board of Directors discretion. Parents will be notified immediately.

Proper Attire:

The proper attire policy is designed to help keep our pool clean and clear. Cotton clothing in the pool can clog the filters and damage the pool pumps (which are very expensive to replace). Additionally, it is meant to help prevent “accidents” that can cause the pool to shut down for up to three (3) days (which is costly and no fun for anyone).

All swimmers • Only swimsuits can be worn in the water.

  • Only swim shirts specifically made with fabric designed for use in water can be worn in the water.

  • No cut-offs, gym shorts, t-shirts, etc.

Infants / Babies (under 2 years old)

Toddlers (under 3 years old)

  • Per rules established by the Hamilton County Health Department, infants and babies must wear a swim diaper at ALL TIMES with NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Infants wearing regular diapers (disposable or cloth) WILL NOT be allowed in the pool.

  • Swim diapers are highly encouraged for all children under 3 years of age, even those potty-trained.

  • Children under 3 years of age are not consistent with their toilet habits.

Guest Policy:

Guests must be accompanied by a resident in order to come to the pool (unless prior approval is received from the Board of Directors). Guests must follow the same rules as Williamson Run residents, including passing the Deep-Water Test. Guest fee proceeds are used for improvements and enhancements to the pool and its facilities.

  • Guest Fees - The fee for guests is $1.00 (one dollar) per guest per day. The number of guests in a party should be noted on the sign-in sheet and the appropriate guest fees should be placed in the designated box. (Please bring exact change).

  • Nanny fees – the one-time per season fee for each resident family’s regular caretaker is $15.00 (fifteen dollars). The fee is payable by cash or check (to Williamson Run HOA). Otherwise, residents are responsible for paying the $1.00 fee each day the caregiver is present.


Food and Drink Policy:

Each family is responsible for cleaning up after eating (picking up crumbs that might attract ants and bees, throwing away papers, can. etc.) PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO KEEP THE POOL AREA CLEAN!

  • NO FOOD OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED ON THE POOL DECK (This includes crackers, fruit, candy bars, and baby food). This rule is designed to keep birds, ants, and other critters from being attracted to the pool deck.



Toys and Flotation Devices:

Noodles are allowed. Toys such as rafts, large tubes and balls are allowed at the lifeguard’s discretion (when the pool is not crowded). Hard, plastic squirt guns as well as other hard objects (Frisbees, golf balls, tennis balls, etc.) are not allowed in the pool area.

Flotation devices such as lifejackets, puddle-jumpers, etc. are allowed and encouraged for children who are non-swimmers or weak swimmers. However, please be sure children are only wearing flotation devices that are US Coast Guard Approved. Any flotation device that is Coast Guard Approved will say so very prominently on the device. These flotation devices are designed to keep children safer by preventing failure.

NOTE: “Water wings” are NOT Coast Guard Approved. They have a tendency to fail fairly easily from deflation, popping or simply sliding up a child’s arm so that their hands are above the water while their head sinks under. Please consider purchasing a “puddle-jumper” style flotation device (water-wings with a strap).

Pool Furniture and Lost and Found

Pool furniture – Please be courteous –there is limited pool furniture available.

  • Please use as few chairs as possible especially during busy times. Adults get first priority for use of chairs. During busy times, children may be asked to move their items to allow adults to use the chairs.

  • Residents and guests are welcome to bring their own folding chairs and umbrellas to the pool.

  • When not in use, please close the umbrellas and secure with ties if available. The proper care of umbrellas helps extend their life and helps prevent damage from wind gusts.

Lost and Found – Items left at the pool will be placed in the lost and found area. If items are not claimed by the last day of the season, they will be donated to charity.

Additional Health Department Rules:

  • All persons entering the pool must take a cleansing shower or bath before entering the water.

  • Anyone with an infectious illness, open sore, deep wound, bandages or a recent vaccination shall not enter the pool area.

  • No Smoking is allowed on the pool deck, picnic area, playground or around the clubhouse.

NOTE: Pool rules are not limited to those listed above. Lifeguards have full authority to enforce additional rules in order to maintain the safety and comfort for all patrons. Please be aware of this and understand their position in the event this occurs.

Questions, comments, concerns:

Krista Hall - Sentry Management

317-251-9393 Ext. 54510

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